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ҤҾ 1,650 ҷ

蹾 ǹ GEWO Ť 300 ҷ    1  Ǵ



ҤҾ 1,650 ҷ

蹾 ǹ GEWO Ť 300 ҷ    1  Ǵ

سѵ >>> Speed: 55  Control: 87  Spin : 80

Our new long pimple rubber NUMBER 1 will enchant you in many ways.

It is an innovative and distinct development that comes with a totally new rubber formula and vertical pimple alignment.

The pimples got even softer in the process and will enable you to reduce the speed of the game while blocking passively.

Overall NUMBER 1 provides fantastic control at all levels.

This is particularly noticeable while returning services and blocking against fast topspin balls.

The ball hereby bounces even lower on the other side of the table.

NUMBER 1 is also very efficient for putting pressure on your opponent. The rubber is highly versatile and will enable you to produce all standard long pimple attacking shots at ease.

NUMBER 1 is a great match for nearly all long pimple players, find out for yourself!






ҤҾ 1,650 ҷ

蹾 ǹ GEWO Ť 300 ҷ    1  Ǵ

سѵ >>> Speed: 94  Control: 80  Spin : 94

Short pimples with astounding disruptive effect

KILLER is an astonishing new development among offensive pimple-out rubbers.
Actually it is a combination of short and medium pimpled rubbers that merges the best characteristics from both rubber types:

KILLER provides very good attacking possibilities and is thus an outstanding choice for a modern pimple-out game close to the table. The rubber fulfills all necessary requirements for fast counter-attacking and strong hitting.

The decisive factor is the disruptive effect obtained. The rubber is more disruptive than most other short pimple rubbers and produces a very low bounce.
Control is excellent and enables the player to feel the ball at all times. All in all KILLER is hardly sensitive at all to oncoming rotation.

With thin sponge (1.5mm) the rubber even enables to produce drop shots and chop-blocking against topspin.

The rubber can also be used for a modern chopping and attacking game with great control.

This makes KILLER a must-have for most short and halflong pimple players!



ҤҾ 1,650 ҷ

蹾 ǹ GEWO Ť 300 ҷ    1  Ǵ








ҧԧͧ DR.NEUBAUER  Allround  Premium  

տͧ ᴧд   տͧ 0.6 . ੾ᴧ

ҤҾ 1,650 ҷ

蹾 ǹ GEWO Ť 300 ҷ    1  Ǵ

سѵ >>> Speed: 55  Control: 85  Spin : 85


The extraordinary Allround-Weapon 

This rubber is even better than its name suggests.

Probably the first disruptive rubber that enables aggressive blocking and even hitting and counter-looping against topspin shots. Take the initiative and put pressure on your opponent!

ALLROUND PREMIUM also excels at passive shots:
The ball bounces very low and even tends to dive on the other side of the table, all of this combined with an excellent control.

The disruptive effect even gets further enhanced after a few weeks of playing on account of the pimples becoming softer.

This rubber is also a great asset for classical defence since it enables the player to impart any amount of spin while offering a wonderful control. This way both heavy chopped balls and float balls can be performed interchangeably.

The rubber comes with an unusual geometry since the pimples are distributed vertically. In combination with new rubber components this produces an astounding effect, both for the active and for the passive game.

The best disruptive effect is being obtained with the red version while the black coloured rubber offers slightly better attacking possibilities.

All in all ALLROUND PREMIUM should take an absolute leading position and turn out to be a highly interesting alternative for all long pimple players.



ҤҾ 1,650 ҷ

蹾 ǹ GEWO Ť 300 ҷ    1  Ǵ

سѵ >>> Speed: 55   Control: 83   Spin: 81

The new long pimple rubber from another dimension 

Naturally this new development offers only little spin reversal.

Nevertheless it does produce a considerable disruptive effect on account of a completely new and innovative rubber composition which changes the playing characteristics decisively.

Both the version without sponge (OX) and the version with sponge (0.6 and 1.0mm) are very effective for chop-blocking close to the table. Also the ball can be blocked passively or aggressively against topspin through a sort of push-blocking technique where the ball is being pushed down while holding the bat in a rather closed angle.

Furthermore the ball can be kept short over the net for service returns even against fast services with no spin on it at all. The ball bounces very low and even moves backwards to the net. The version with sponge (especially with 0.6mm) enables a more dynamic service returning and thus also provides a good disruptive effect. This also holds true while returning services with a lot of spin since this makes the ball float.

Also the ball bounces very low while counter-attacking.

On top of that the rubber enables highly disruptive attacking shots through aggressive pushing, lifting and sidespin strokes.

Finally DESPERADO is a good choice for chopping too since the ball can be returned very flat with good backspin or alternatively as a float ball.



ҤҾ 1,650 ҷ

蹾 ǹ GEWO Ť 300 ҷ    1  Ǵ

سѵ >>> Speed: 58  Control: 78   Spin: 85

INFERNO CLASSIC :  Best disruptive effect while blocking close to the table

The new long pimple weapon with very good disruptive effect and suprising attacking possibilities

INFERNO CLASSIC is a long pimple rubber with friction offering a very good disruptive effect while blocking close to the table.

The rubber enables dangerous returns both through passive and active blocking ("chop-blocking") since the ball bounces very low on the other side of the table.

INFERNO CLASSIC also offers a good control and surprising attacking possibilities through aggressive pushing and lifting.

INFERNO CLASSIC also enables to generate a very effective game through classical defense since the rubber produces a lot of backspin.

On top of this a highly deceptive variation of chop and float balls can be produced while defending.




ҤҾ  1,650  ҷ

蹾 ǹ GEWO Ť 300 ҷ    1  Ǵ

سѵ  >>>  Speed: 50   Control:  91   Spin:  68

BOOMERANG CLASSIC: The new defence weapon: long pimples with friction

BOOMERANG CLASSIC is very effective for classical defence. It allows a lot of backspin together with precise control. Even powerful topspin shots can be returned with a chop which generates a flat flight path.
The rubber provides a decisive disruptive effect because the ball will tend to stay low after the bounce.

Furthermore BOOMERANG CLASSIC enables a player to neutralise the opponent's spin by either short passive blocking or faster aggressive blocking. With either shot the ball will be returned without any spin (a float effect), thus often causing the opponent to lift the next shot off the table.

Counter-attacking can also be performed very easily. Even flat counter-hitting of the opponent's chopped balls is possible.

BOOMERANG CLASSIC is a perfect choice for players who like to use a mainly chop defence, but with occasional surprise attacks.


ҤҾ  1,350  ҷ 

سѵ  >>>  Speed: 60   Control: 75   Spin: 89

FIGHTER: The new formula for long pimples with friction and outstanding control and good disruptive effect

FIGHTER is another technological improvement in the field of long pimple rubbers with friction.
Its innovative rubber composition provides excellent control both while playing close to the table and for classical defence.

FIGHTER also offers very good attacking possibilities through aggressive pushing and counter-attacking at the table.
This new formula enables effective blocking with disruptive effect through both passive and aggressive blocking as well as dangerous chop-blocking close to the table.

 On top of this a highly deceptive variation of chop and float balls can be produced while defending.

FIGHTER shall be available with the following sponge thickness choice: 
OX (no sponge): Aggressive game with disruptive effect 





ҤҾ  1,650  ҷ 

蹾 ǹ GEWO Ť 300 ҷ    1  Ǵ

سѵ  >>>  Speed: 90   Control:  76   Spin:  78

DIAMANT: The allround rubber with disruptive effect

Dr Neubauer DIAMANT is a new half-long pimpled rubber.

It offers very good control for service returning, blocking, attacking and defending, thanks to its very soft pimples.

DIAMANT comes with a sponge that has been especially developed for it

This rubber produces a disruptive effect in particular while blocking and straight hitting since the ball is hit very flat and tends to stay low after the bounce.





ҧԧͧ DR.NEUBAUER TERMINATOR  OX  short pimple տͧ

ҤҾ 1,650 ҷ

蹾 ǹ GEWO Ť 300 ҷ    1  Ǵ

سѵ >>> Speed: 84  Control: 76   Spin: 81

The other kind of pimple-out rubber 

TERMINATOR is different than all other rubbers on the market.

TERMINATOR comes with short pimples and is available exclusively with textile reinforcement (no sponge) underneath.

The rubber produces a disruptive float ball while blocking passively, while it bounces very low and goes down when performing aggressive blocking.

TERMINATOR enables a very dynamic and efficient game while playing against chopped balls. It can also be used to produce a fast dummy loop.
Also the ball bounces very low while counter-attacking and straight hitting.

This rubber requires some practise hours however it will then enable you to produce a very effective allround type of game with disruptive effect.


ҧԧͧDR.NEUBAUER  LEOPARD  short pimple  տͧ

ҤҾ   1,650  ҷ

蹾 ǹ GEWO Ť 300 ҷ    1  Ǵ

سѵ  >>>  Speed: 88   Control: 75     Spin: 78

>>> OFF

Very effective blocking on topspin or smash



 ҧԧͧ DR.NEUBAUER  PISTOL   Short pimple  ҧ տͧ

  ҤҾ   1,650  ҷ 

Ŵ  20 %  Ŵ 1,320 ҷ

سѵ  >>>  Speed: 104   Control: 90   Spin: 82

  >>> OFF

PISTOL: The highly dynamic weapon for unconditional attacking with short pimples, paired with excellent control



ҧ   տͧ

ҤҾ   1,650  ҷ

蹾 ǹ GEWO Ť 300 ҷ    1  Ǵ

 سѵ  >>>  Speed: 100   Control: 72    Spin: 86  

  >>> OFF

Enormous spin and speed
Very dynamic rubber for blocking and hitting as well as counter-attacking and topspin
Wobbling balls for your opponents and an excellent control
This innovation is a milestone for short pimple rubbers.

With Dr Neubauer TORNADO ULTRA you will reach new dimensions of rotation with short pimples.

It produces enormous spin and tremendous speed, while having a disturbing effect for your opponent. Control is excellent at the same time.

This short pimple rubber is an outstanding weapon for blocking and counter-attacking as well as killing and topspin.


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