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DONIC Table Tennis rubbers ACUDA S1 TURBO @ Pingponginter


DONIC "Acuda S1 Turbo" 

SPIN 10 + + SPEED 10 ++  CONTROL 6-  

Sponge Hardness  :  Medium + 

Surface : SPIN Elastic 

Style การเล่น  OFF   ถึง  OFF+  สไตล์บุก หมุน และ เร็ว

Made in Germany

The Turbo version from the Acuda series is effective due to the maximum inbuilt speed glue effect which enhances speed and accelleration. 
The DONIC Acuda rubbers became an immediate worldwide success the moment they entered the market. In order to offer unbeatable rubber technology for the top players DONIC included Turbo in the manufacture of its bestseller Acuda S1 series.

DONIC Acuda S1 Turbo is a precision rubber designed for accuracy at high speeds.

Despite the rubber being dynamic and fast, it has perfect feel - reminiscent of earlier speed glue days.

 Thanks to highly developed technology this advanced rubber from the house of DONIC produces good length when playing fast loops and that despite a characteristic high arc.
Characteristics: spinny, accurate top class rubber
Recommended for: performance orientated attackers


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