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DONIC Table Tennis rubbers BARACUDA BIG SLAM @ Pingponginter

     SPIN 10 + +       SPEED  9-        CONTROL  7      Sponge Hardness  :  Soft +    Surface   : SPIN - Elastic  
Style การเล่น  AR +   ถึง  OFF -
Made in Germany 

Still biting! more sound and control by the softer sponge.

When BARACUDA DONIC FORMULA DONIC has the built-in glue effect a dangerous dimension SPIN gained.

The ball leaves the bat in the DONIC BARACUDA a much steeper angle, so with much more spin.

The higher speed of the ball stabilizes its flight path and increases its tempo.

 The consequences impress after a few hours getting used to this new covering.

 Also very good players increase their accuracy level considerably.

 In critical situations brings DONIC BARACUDA the last bit of security, not only in the risky topspin game.

 The upper layer of the DONIC BARACUDA has been completely redesigned and consistently designed to minimize abrasion.

The positive consequence: more hours of play with no obvious signs of abrasion.

The rubber with vicious spin. even more vicious !

Even more sound and control due to the softer sponge.

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