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DONIC Table Tennis rubbers ACUDA S2 @ Pingponginter

DONIC  " ACUDA  S2  "  
     SPIN 10 + +       SPEED  9 +      CONTROL  7 -     Sponge Hardness  :  Medium -    Surface   : SPIN - Elastic  
Style การเล่น  AR +  ถึง  OFF
Made in Germany 
The ideal rubber for attacking players who previously used soft rubbers with speed glue. ACUDA S2 is a fast rubber with a medium soft large pored sponge. This produces fast speeds and has a uniquely loud sound. ACUDA S2 is well suited both for close to the table and away from the table game. It will give an advantage in topspin/topspin duels. This rubber is particularly enjoyable to play with because of its precise feel.
Sponge hardness: soft-medium
Playing characteristics: spin-optimized, soft and fast, with perfect control.
Recommended for: Power allrounders and attacking players

More informations for this technology: FD3 Technology
FD 3 rd generation click
The result of this development work will be presented for the new season with the new FD3 – rubber technology. FD3 stands for FORMULA DONIC Third Generation. This technology includes two rubber sheet series which are different in top sheet as well as in sponge. Players who prefer spin before speed and want a high curve of the flight for their top spin will find the perfect rubber sheet in the ACUDA series. The ACUDA series is spin-optimized. Players who expect apart from high spin also maximum speed prefer a rubber from the COPPA X series. The COPPA X series is speed-optimized. Within the two rubber series the difference is the hardness of the sponge so that any player is able to make the right choice, perfectly adjusted to their playing style and practising time effort.

New rubbers for 2010


TRY them OUT and go on to WIN


The speed glue ban encouraged our rubber technologists to come up with new ideas. Faster rubbers were required to compensate. 2010 sees the greatest development in rubber technology since the creation of FORMULA DONIC.

We decided to call this new technology FORMULA DONIC Third Generation – FD 3.

The brand new ACUDA series commences with the fastest version, ACUDA S1. ACUDA is a rubber suitable for a very aggressive game with the focus on maximum spin. The sponge has been cleverly designed with more open pores for this type of game.

The new COPPA X1 Turbo (Platin) and COPPA X1 (Gold) are also specifically designed for attackers but tend to be even faster.

The softer versions ACUDA S2 and S3 as well as COPPA X2 (Platin Soft) and COPPA X3 (Silver) are a technical break through as rubbers as soft as these have never been so fast and were never so enjoyable to play with.



3rd generation


No more speed gluing. No tuning, no juggling. The era of modern table tennis has started. More fun. Pure fun at the game. Honest victories.

The next rubber generation combines everything:

FD 3 FORMULA DONIC  3rd generation

Lifetime Plus: The number of possible playing hours will be advanced by about 50% .

Catapult PLUS: The catapult effect of the new large-pored sponge provides more precision when returning, even in difficult positions .

Tension PLUS:   Improved inner tension implies the feeling of even more “speed glue” energy.


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