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DONIC Table Tennis Blades Persson Powerallround Senso V2 @ Pingponginter

DONIC "Persson Powerallround Senso V2"








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Modern and trendy: aggressive allround characteristics, perfect ball control.
A best-seller for many years.

Neurologists have taught us: that the reactions of the human hand are most sensitive in some particular parts, as for instance at the ball or the middle finger.
At these parts, the hand has an especially good feeling for vibrations.
The DONIC technicans have applied this medical knowledge to our blades.
They have designed blades where handle and bat surface are one plywood, introduced exactly calculated hollow spaces, which are open at the end. which is the most important condition to achieve the highest durability, and they introduced exactly calculated hollow spaces, which are open at the end.
This ingenious construction transmits the feeling for the ball starting from the point where the ball gets in contact with the blade leading it to the SENSO points of your hand. This construction is an enormous step foward in blades technology.
Perfect control - perfect feeling....
The DONIC SENSO system offers two constructions with two absolutely different hollow spaces:
SENSO V1 provides optimum speed with identical control.
SENSO V2 provides optimum control with identical speed.
DONIC-SENSO - Handle the handle - feel the success !

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