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DONIC Table Tennis rubbers Vario Soft @ Pingponginter

High-tech in caoutchouc When the ball hits the rubber at a speed of 200 km/h and 3000 r.p.m., it puts a heavy strain on the natural material ?caoutchouc?.
Modern rubber sheets are high-tech products made of a combination of natural and synthetic caoutchouc.
DONIC "Vario Soft "  
     SPIN 9        SPEED  7        CONTROL  7 +      Sponge  Hardness :  SOFT+     Surface  : SPIN Elastic  
Style การเล่น   AR+  ถึง  OFF -
 Made in Japan  
The pioneer rubber of the SOFT generation. The rubber sheet is absolutely identical to the sheet of the VARIO, but the sponge is softer. The results are a better control, somewhat less speed and identical spin characteristics

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