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DONIC Table Tennis Blades Persson Power Carbon Senso V1 @ Pingponginter

DONIC  " Persson Power Carbon Senso V1 "  









7+2  ชั้น

(carbon 2 ชั้น )


 90 g

6  mm.




This model will convince all players relying on speed and aggressivity.
Its basis is the successful Persson Powerspeed blade "made in Sweden" up-graded with two additional carbon layers.
The result is a hyper fast power blade that is relatively soft and sensitive at the bounce and easy controllable due to the Senso V1 void in the handle.
DONIC Persson Power Carbon: The ideal weapon for aggressive attack players.
Neurologists have taught us: that the reactions of the human hand are most sensitive in some particular parts, as for instance at the ball or the middle finger.
At these parts, the hand has an especially good feeling for vibrations.
The DONIC technicans have applied this medical knowledge to our blades.
They have designed blades where handle and bat surface are one plywood, introduced exactly calculated hollow spaces, which are open at the end. which is the most important condition to achieve the highest durability, and they introduced exactly calculated hollow spaces, which are open at the end.
This ingenious construction transmits the feeling for the ball starting from the point where the ball gets in contact with the blade leading it to the SENSO points of your hand. This construction is an enormous step foward in blades technology.
Perfect control - perfect feeling....
The DONIC SENSO system offers two constructions with two absolutely different hollow spaces:
SENSO V1 provides optimum speed with identical control.
SENSO V2 provides optimum control with identical speed.
DONIC-SENSO - Handle the handle - feel the success ! 

 Jorgen Persson

World Champion Men's Singles 1991
Vice-World Champion Men's Singles 1989
World Champion Team 1989, 1991, 1993, 2000
European Champion Men's Singles 1986
European Champion Men's Team 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1996, 2000
TOP 12 Winner
World Cup Winner

DONIC Persson Power Carbon Senso
Acuda S1
bh-rubber: Sonex JP Gold

 London calling
Dreaming of winning a medal. With these high expectations Jörgen Persson approached the 2008 Olympics in Peking, which drew compassionate smiles. He showed his metal with an outstanding performance and proving everybody wrong. As the only European alongside three Chinese players, he battled to reach the semi-finals and only just missed a desired medal. He did, however, earn worldwide praise and even conquer the hearts of Chinese fans.
Despite being 46 years old by the time of London 2012, the Swede is determined once again to make his mark. His qualification is in itself a fantastic achievement. He will be the first table tennis player ... to have taken part in all seven Olympic Games since the sport was introduced at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, thus setting a record which will not easily be bettered. The DONIC star is determined on more than an appearance at the Olympics. “When I play my aim is always to win a medal. 
People may think that this is not possible but I believe that it is – and that is perhaps more important.“ Jörgen is realistic “Of course I realise how difficult this will be. Possibly I could lose in the last sixteen and afterwards be forced to say that I gave of my best”. A man like Jörgen Persson has high aims. “If I reach the last sixteen, I will also want to win ... and should I reach the quarter-finals....”
DONIC star Dimitrij Ovtcharov says: ”Jörgen is still physically fit. As far as his attitude and mental ability is concerned, he is one of the world’s best.
Patrick Baum refers to the Swede as “a great example for all table tennis players”.
These two players are young enough to be his sons but Jörgen can still hold his own with them. He knows precisely what he has to do and how he must prepare. Thanks to DONIC he has the right material. “In the past, when players used speed glue, there was not much difference between one rubber and another, today there are much greater differences.
This poses no problems for the Swede. DONIC provides him with the right equipment for his powerful game and precise placement. Jörgen Persson has relied on DONIC since his junior days, a relationship that has lasted for more than twenty-five years and has taken him and DONIC all over the world. DONIC will accompany him to London where Jörgen intends to add another chapter to his magical success story.

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