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DONIC Table Tennis Blades Persson CarboTec @ Pingponginter

DONIC "Persson Carbo TEC "









5+2  ชั้น

( carbon glass 2 ชั้น )


 90 g

6  mm.


 6 +


Carbon / Glass  Speed gluing has been banned, but power shots haven't.
Players who want to achieve optimum power and highest speed, need the DONIC Persson Carbotec of the 5-times Swedish World Champion.
Because of its extreme speed and its stiffness, this carbon-glass blade is the answer for players who want to achieve optimum acceleration without speed glue, but through the blade.
The carbon-glass-fiber blade is more elastic than ordinary carbon-fiber blades. Despite the high stiffness, it offers superb feel.
When combined with DONIC Formula rubber, the blade produces incomparable speed and spin without loss of control.

1.+ 7. ply: koto
2.+ 6. ply: carbon-glass
3.+ 5. ply: tanne
Centre ply: kiri 
technology: High TEC Technology
High - Tec technology
Carbon, Glassfibre and Kevlar. HI-TEC-material with unexpected possibilities.
When these high-tec fibres are implemented in table tennis blades, the results are extraordinary advantages: - low weight - higher rigidity - extremely high stability - enlarged sweet spot - more speed at nearly the same control The result is really sensational!!

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