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DONIC Table Tennis Blades Black Devil CB @ Pingponginter

Devilishly Good !!!
DONIC " Waldner Black Devil CB "  Carbon Balsa








5+2 ชั้น

( carbon 2ชั้น )

 OFF + 

 80 g


10 -



As exuberant as the playing style of the Master is the advanced technology and the revolutionary design of this "weapon".
Carbon and Balsa have been combined by DONIC for the first time.
The soft Balsa core results in a blade with unbelievably good control, particularly when returning the ball.
 Incredible power and speed can be achieved with the hard Koto middle plies and carbon fibre of the DONIC Waldner Black Devil CB.
The light weight and enlarged sweet spot of the 7-ply high-tech product attains perfection.

Waldner's "black devil" will delight all attacking players!
technology: High TEC Technology
High - Tec technology
Carbon, Glassfibre and Kevlar. HI-TEC-material with unexpected possibilities.
When these high-tec fibres are implemented in table tennis blades, the results are extraordinary advantages: - low weight - higher rigidity - extremely high stability - enlarged sweet spot - more speed at nearly the same control The result is really sensational!!

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