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DONIC โดนิค แบรนด์อันดับ  1 จากเยอรมนี และ ยุโรป

 Short pimples out rubber sheets with spin-control-system

Do you have problems in controlling your backhand?

Do you have problems returning your opponent's services?

 Do you have problems returning heavy topspins?



DONIC "Alligator Anti"    ยางเรียบแอนตี้ ฟองน้ำหนา 1.5  มม.

ราคาพิเศษ แผ่นละ 1,390 บาท

  SPEED 4+  SPIN 1+  Control  9 +    Sponge Hardness :  Hard  Surface  : Anti Spin


Made In China


Anti-loop rubber which is troublesome for your opponent
ALLIGATOR Anti-loop rubber follows in the footsteps of the successful long pimpled rubbers PIRANJA and ALLIGATOR. The taut anti-spin top surface rubber and the hard sponge ensure that the ball is returned with speed, therefore putting the opponent under pressure. The player is able to use effective variations and can drop the ball short with good touch. The opponent's shots can be returned short or long with this effective weapon. Attack and counter-attack are easily possible with DONIC Anti-loop rubber.
DONIC ALLIGATOR ANTI - Opponents beware of its bite!


DONIC "Anti Classic"  ยางเรียบแอนตี้

ฟองน้ำหนา 1.5 มม.

ราคาพิเศษ แผ่นละ  1,690  บาท

  SPEED 3  SPIN 2+  Control  10 +    Sponge Hardness :  Soft  Surface  : Anti Spin


Made In Japan


DONIC ANTI CLASSIC: The flexible partner
The elastic Anti-spin top surface and the soft sponge make this the allround classic amongst anti-spin rubbers. The ANTI CLASSIC will bring joy to defenders who play with variety as well as allround players who attack close to the table. The outstanding control will be apparent in all playing situations. Japanese high performance production has given these rubbers outstanding ball control.
DONIC ANTI CLASSIC is the right answer for defenders and allrounders!


The DONIC BAXSTER rubber sheet masters easily every kind of spin and back spin variation . 


DONIC "BAXSTER  LB "   เม็ดสั้น มีฟองน้ำ  
ราคาพิเศษ  แผ่นละ  1,590  บาท
Trouble Effect  5+    SPEED 7  Control  8    Sponge Hardness :  Medium -  Surface  : Short pimples
Style การเล่น  AR -  ถึง  AR +
Made In Germany 
The most striking feature of this latest innovation in the classic series with short pimples from DONIC is its enormous variety.
It is very easy to play dynamic blocks and counter attacks due to the NEW FORMULA DONIC sponge with high tension. The BAXTER LB offers great advantages, due to its high control for returning serves as well as the possibility of adding rotation and spin by using a good technique, and generating a twist by the flick of the wrist.
The BAXSTER LB is the ideal rubber for experienced pimple players who would like to play a more variable and effective game without giving up outstanding control.


DONIC "  BAXSTER F1-A  "  เม็ดสั้นบุก
มีฟองน้ำ 1.8 มม. และ  2.0 มม. 
ราคาโปรโมชั่น  แผ่นละ  1,100  บาท  
Trouble Effect  6 +    SPEED 9+  Control  5   Sponge Hardness :  Medium   Surface  : Short pimples
 Style การเล่น   OFF-  ถึง OFF  

Made in Germany

The DONIC pimple out programme is completed with DONIC BAXSTER F1-A a fast pimple out rubber sheet in FORMULA DONIC technology.

The typical softness of the sponge gives a superb feeling for the ball. The BAXSTER F1-A masters ball control in slow rallies, yet gives explosive power for fast strokes.

This is the result of the integrated molecular tension of FORMULA DONIC.



DONIC "  BAXSTER  D-25"  เม็ดสั้นรับ มีฟองน้ำ   
ราคาโปรโมชั่น  แผ่นละ  1,100  บาท 
 Trouble Effect   5   SPEED 5 +   Control  10   Sponge Hardness : SOFT- Surface  :  Short pimples
Style การเล่น   DEF + ถึง AR    

Made in Germany 

Do you have problems in controlling your backhand ?
Do you have problems returning your opponent's services ?
Do you have problems returning heavy topspins ?
The DONIC BAXSTER D25 rubber sheet masters easily every kind of spin and back spin variation.
With 25% speed moderation for the safe and controlled pimple out player. It neutralises any kind of spin or chop. Absolutely perfect ball control.

DONIC "TWISTER  40 "   เม็ดกึ่ง  มีฟองน้ำ  
ราคาโปรโมชั่น  แผ่นละ  1,100  บาท 
Trouble Effect  6    SPEED 4 +   Spin 2 -7  Control  9+    Sponge Hardness :  Soft -  Surface  : Medium long pips
Style การเล่น  DEF - ถึง  AR - 
 Made In Germany
The DONIC TWISTER  is  the solution for pimple out players  who  are  looking  for  all  options.
Medium  long pimples offer any kind of playing strategy  combined  with  a  fantastic  ball  control.
Block , short block , counter hitting , drive , loop , smash , etc.  can be  easily played  with  the  TWISTER and  all  shots  with  outstanding  control.


DONIC "TWISTER  LB "   เม็ดกึ่ง  มีฟองน้ำ 

 ราคาพิเศษ  แผ่นละ  1,590  บาท 

Trouble Effect  6    SPEED5 +   Spin 2 -7+  Control  8    Sponge Hardness :  Medium  Surface  : Medium long pips
Style การเล่น  DEF  ถึง  AR  
Made In Germany
TWISTER LB is a newly developed medium to middle long pimple rubber made of a soft natural rubber mixture.
The chamfered pimple heads create a lot of spin and rotation in an active game. Due to its fantastic control, it?s ideally suited for returning serves and for passive blocks.
With the TWISTER LB the variety of the game increases enormously. All kind of shot variations can be done by this "all-rounder" so that it's the ideal solution for pimple players at all playing levels.
  • The 1.2 mm sponge is ideal for a defensive and control optimized game.
  • The 1.5 mm sponge is perfect for a variable all-round game.
  • The 2.0 mm sponge is ideal for an offensive all-round playing style.
DONIC " Piranja Foumula TEC  '' เม็ดยาว  มีฟองน้ำ 1.2 มม.
ราคาพิเศษ แผ่นละ 1,590 บาท 
 Trouble Effect  8    SPEED 3      Spin 2 - 9+  Control  7-   Surface  : Long Pimples
 Style การเล่น   DEF  ถึง  AR - 
The technic defense rubber.
Classic defenders are a rarity nowadays and it`s becoming more difficult for them to find the right equipment.
 All this changed when DONIC introduced their Formula DONIC technology into a long pimpled rubber.
DONIC Piranja Formula Tec is soft, very elastic, with excellent gripping qualities.
The DONIC Piranja Formula Tec enables the player to impart far more backspin against topspin than has been possible with other current rubber technology.
The pimples are faster because of their inbuilt "speed glue" effect, ensuring more accurate blocking, counter attacking and variations of spin with considerable control.
DONIC Piranja Formula Tec is the best weapon for the technically gifted classic defender, particularly effective in combination with DONIC`s modern sponge rubbers.


 DONIC "  ALLIGATOR DEF   " OX   เม็ดยาวไม่มีฟองน้ำ 

แถม กาวแผ่น 2 หน้า DONIC ฟรี 

ราคาโปรโมชั่น  แผ่นละ  1,100  บาท 
Trouble Effect  9   SPEED 3  Control  7-   SPIN  2 - 9 + Surface  : Long  Pimples  
Style การเล่น   DEF + ถึง ALL-    

 Made in China 

The ideal long pimpled rubber for defenders and controlled allrounders who prefer to play a more aggressive game which wins points with variations.

Prodigious backspin for a defensive game, variations of spin when pushing, wobble effect when attacking: These options are all possible with the ALLIGATOR DEF.

In addition to making an astonishing variety of shots possible, this rubber ensures outstanding control whatever playing technique is used and is relatively simple to play with.

ALLIGATOR DEF is not only suitable for technically gifted players, but for all players using long pimples.

DONIC ALLIGATOR DEF: A varied game is the key to success.  


DONIC "@ kkadi L1 "  OX  เม็ดยาว ไม่มีฟองน้ำ    
แถม กาวแผ่น 2 หน้า DONIC ฟรี
ราคาพิเศษ แผ่นละ 1,390 บาท
 Trouble Effect  8    SPEED 3      Spin 2 - 9+  Control  7   Surface  : Long Pimples
Style การเล่น   DEF  ถึง  AR -

Long pimples for the modern defender.

DONIC Akkadi L1 lives up to the highest expectations of the modern player. 

This rubber offers precision and excellent control for defence and attack in equal measure.

 It enables the technically gifted player to produce heavy backspin when defending away from the table, variations of spin when pushing, and superb control when producing "spoiling" shots during attack.


DONIC "@ kkadi L2 "  OX  เม็ดยาว ไม่มีฟองน้ำ   
 แถม กาวแผ่น 2 หน้า DONIC ฟรี
ราคาพิเศษ แผ่นละ 1,390 บาท
 Trouble Effect  8+    SPEED 3 -     Spin 2 - 9+  Control  7   Surface  : Long Pimples
Style การเล่น   DEF  ถึง  AR -
The most versatile of long pimpled rubbers.

The ITTF have banned frictionless long pimples. There will be a worldwide ban of such rubbers next season.
DONIC has developed exciting alternative rubbers for players who will be forced to adapt their game.
DONIC AKKADI L2 is a versatile long pimpled rubber which is equally effective for controlled play close to the table and for the classic defensive game.
Good control and the ability to impart a lot of backspin can be achieved with this rubber well away from the table.
The OX version (without sponge) and 0.6 mm (with a very thin sponge) enables the player to play close to the table.
The new pimpled top surface produces unexpected variations of spin.
The AKKADI L2 makes awkward attacking strokes possible and, therefore, has all the qualities of a genuine allrounder.

DONIC Akkadi L2: Tested by the best


DONIC Akkadi L2: The effects of the frictionless long pimple ban

Meanwhile one season has passed since the ITTF have banned frictionless long pimples. But many players are still looking for the right solution.
Regarding this subject DONIC has two specialists in the team: Fabian Akerstrom, bronze medallist at the Youth World Championships 2006, and probably best player in the world with long pimples playing close to the table, Swedish National Team player and participant at the European Championsips 2009 in Stuttgart.

He used to play frictionless pimple out rubbers before the ITTF had banned them.

Further Joachim Voigt (national coach of the handicapped German National Team).

We had asked both about their opinion of the DONIC Akkadi L2 rubber  

DONIC: Fabian, meanwhile you play with the Akkadi L2. Is this the right solution for you?
Fabian: DONIC Akkadi L2 is a very good alternative to the now banned frictionless pimples, to me it is the best one that is currently on the market.

DONIC: Why did you chose the Akkadi L2?
Fabian: Akkadi L2 offers very good control which is the most important feature for me. With a thin sponge I find the control even better. The spin and disturbance, playing close to the table, is also good, not like the frictionless pimples but probably as close as you can get. On the other hand when it comes to defending not so close to the table the Akkadi L2 is better than a frictionless rubber. It gives heavier spin and it is very easy to control both the length and the height of the ball.

DONIC: Was is difficult for you to change?
Fabian: Since the ITTF has banned the frictionless pimples, many have said that it won’t be possible to play the same kind of gamestyle again. It is true that it is more difficult but many players have shown that it is still a very successful gamestyle.

DONIC: Joachim, at the world top of the handicapped players there are a lot of players around who block directly at the table with long pimples. Is this playing style still successful there?
Joachim: Absolutely, due to the special circumstances in handicapped table tennis, this playing style is very popular and still successful.

DONIC: Do you also use this system when practising with the players?
Joachim: In Germany we don’t have any player in the handicapped national team using this playing style. Internationally, I work with Jane Karla Rodrigues from Brasil. She is using this system and is currently no 5 in the world.

DONIC: Which pimple does she currently use?
Joachim: We have tried nearly everything what’s on the market and then finally decided to chose the Akkadi L2. Like Fabian I think that this rubber is the best alternative that’s on the market at the moment.

DONIC: What has changed due to the ban?
Joachim: The maximum effect of the reversed spin has been reduced, thus one of the weapons became a bit more blunt. But other weapons, such as aggressive game, attack and rotation variations have been improved considerably. These are the decisive advantages.

DONIC: How do you use this possibility?
Joachim: With frictionless long pimples, many players have just kept their blade against the ball without using any special technique. That’s still possible, but there is less effect. On the other hand, an attacking game was much more difficult and the rotation was set by the ball of the opponent. Now much more variety is possible. You are able to play – we call it a “kick” – you can block with and without spin. Those are options that were not possible before.

DONIC: And why it’s the Akkadi L2 that’s the best suitable?
Joachim: Like Fabian has already said, control is the most important feature. It is responsible for variety. Here the Akkadi L2 is excellent. Additionally it supports the offensive shots. This is mainly due to the structure and arrangement of the pimples.

DONIC: Fabian and Joachim, thank you for the interview.

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